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World Stock Exchanges
 Country  Stock Exchange  Symbol Jan '17 Feb '17 Mar '17 Q1 % Apr '17 May '17 Jul '17 Jul '17
 Argentina Argentina Stock Exchange  The MERVAL Index 19,062.59 NA NA
 Brazil Bovespa  Bovespa 64,670.78 NA NA
 Canada Canada Stock Exchange  S&P/TSX Composite 15,385.96 NA NA
 Chile Chile Stock Exchange  Chile Stock MKt Select 20,988.59 NA NA
 Mexico Mexico IPC Index  I.P.C. All-Share 47,001.06 NA NA
 USA USA Stock Exchange  The Dow Jones Industrial Average 19,864.09 NA NA
 USA USA Stock Exchange  NASDAQ Composite 5,614.79 NA NA
 USA USA Stock Exchange  The S&P 500 Index 2,278.87 NA NA
 Venezuela Venezuela Stock Exchange  IBC General 28,109.65 NA NA
 China Shanghai Stock Exchange  The SSE Composite 3,159.17 NA NA
 China China Stock Exchange  SSE 180 Index 7,459.74 NA NA
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange  The Hang Seng Exchange 23,360.78 NA NA
 India Bombay Stock Exchange  BSE Sensex 27,655.96 NA NA
 Indonesia Jakarta Stock Exchange  Jakarta Composite Index 5,294.10 NA NA
 Japan Japan Stock Exchange  Nikkei 225 Stock Average 19,041.34 NA NA
 Japan Japan Stock Exchange  Nikkei 300 Index 304.27 NA NA
 Japan Japan Stock Exchange  Topix Index 1,521.67 NA NA
 Korea Korea Stock Exchange  KOSPI Composite Index 2,067.57 NA NA
 Malaysia Malaysia Stock Exchange  FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1,671.54 NA NA
 Pakistan Karachi Stock Exchange  KSE 100 Index 48,757.67 NA NA
 Philippines Philippines Stock Exchange  PSE Index 7,229.66 NA NA
 Singapore Singapore Exchange  The Straits Times Index 3,046.80 NA NA
 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Stock Exchange  The All Share Price Index 6,132.68 NA NA
 Taiwan Taiwan Stock Exchange  TAIEX Index 9,447.95 NA NA
 Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand  SET Index 984.21 NA NA
 Austria Austria Stock Exchange  ATX Index 2,681.84 NA NA
 Belgium Euronext Brussels  The BEL-20 Index 3,552.73 NA NA
 Bulgaria Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia  SOFIX Index 602.28 NA NA
 France Euronext Paris (CAC 40)  The CAC 40 4,763.49 NA NA
 Germany Germany Stock Exchange  DAX 11,562.84 NA NA
 Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange  BUX Index 32,481.29 NA NA
 Ireland Irish Stock Exchange  Irish Overall Index 6,403.69 NA NA
 Italy Borsa Italiana  The FTSE MIB 18,620.85 NA NA
 Netherlands Amsterdam Exchanges  The AEX Index 477.96 NA NA
 Norway Norway Stock Exchange  OSE Norway All Share Index 769.86 NA NA
 Poland Warsaw Stock Exchange  WIG Index 55,232.32 NA NA
 Romania Bucharest Stock Exchange  The BET Index 7,517.85 NA NA
 Russia Russia Stock Exchange  Dow Jones Titans RUSINDEX 10(RUB) NA NA
 Russia MICEX Index  MICEX Index 2,217.39 NA NA
 Spain Spain Stock Exchange  The IBEX 35 9,341.00 NA NA
 Sweden Sweden Stock Exchange  SX All Share 1,536.75 NA NA
 Switzerland Swiss Stock Exchange  The Swiss Market Index 8,291.69 NA NA
 The Czech Republic Prague Stock Exchange  The PX Index 932.46 NA NA
 Turkey Istanbul Stock Exchange  The ISE National-100 Index 86,295.75 NA NA
 UK London Stock Exchange  FTSE 100 Index 7,110.56 NA NA
 UK London Stock Exchange  FTSE 250 Index 18,147.77 NA NA
 Ukraine Ukraine Stock Exchange  PFTS Index 270.31 NA NA
Middle East - Africa    
 Egypt Egypt Stock Exchange  EGX 30 Index 12672.49 NA NA
 Israel Israel Stock Exchange  The Tel Aviv 25 Index 1,408.29 NA NA
 Kenya Nairobi Stock Exchange  NSE 20 Share Index 2,794.27 NA NA
 South Africa Johannesburg Stock Exchange  FTSE/JSE All Share 52,788.12 NA NA
Australia - Oceania    
 Australia Australian Stock Exchange  The S&P/ASX 200 5,620.91 NA NA
 Australia Australian Stock Exchange  ASX All Ordinaries 5,675.00 NA NA


Sources: Data collected by and from company press releases, filings and corporate websites.
Market data: BATS Exchange. Inc.

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