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REPRINT INFORMATION offers reprint services for materials published in the Mutual Fund Q&A section and the Management Talk section, both available on and Reprints can be ordered for each of the global regions covered in our publications. Please read the information below to find the answers to your reprint-related questions.

What kind of reprints could be obtained?

We offer both paper copy and electronic reprints with our proprietary Ticker interview layout that was first designed by Ticker magazine's graphic artists in 2001. Electronic reprints, which are available in PDF format, can be used for posting on corporate web sites and/or for electronic distribution as part of e-newsletters to clients. While a PDF license allows online viewers to print the article for private use, it does not permit the distribution of paper copies.

How do reprints meet compliance criteria?

Our reprints have maintained a four-page layout that allows for an extra, fourth, page to be added to the standard three-page publication. The fourth page comprises of the disclosure content as well as the company logos and distribution codes. Customizations to the table and chart on Pages 1 and 2 can also be made for compliance reasons.

What is the process of ordering and getting reprints?

To receive a quote for the requested amount of paper copies and/or electronic reprints, you need to choose one of the options below to contact us and provide detailed information. The exact rates, reflecting all details, will be sent back to you no later than the end of the next business day. We have partnerships with a global network of printers to help meet deadlines around the world.

The standard turnaround timeframe is 10 business days, however, expediting the process is also possible for urgent requests. Please provide your shipping details. Our price quote does not include shipping charges. We will need your account number, shipping address and delivery instructions. It is possible to ship reprints to different locations and to different countries.

What about shelf-life of electronic reprints?

For PDF licenses going beyond one quarter, we offer the option of updating all the time sensitive data after every three months.

What is the size and quality of the paper copy reprints?

The 4-page U.S. layout is printed on a 17' x 11' sheet of 80 lbs gloss paper, folded, so that each page fits Letter size (8.5' x 11'). International layouts are printed according to regional format standards.


View reprint samples with customized layouts here:

In addition to our standard 4-page reprint layout with disclosure and logos on the last page, we have also customized layouts with disclaimers on the front page, followed by comprehensive disclosure on the last page. For more detailed portfolio information requested by compliance we have also designed layouts with embedded tables of portfolio statistics on the last page as supplements to the disclosure content. Various distribution requirements are also met with a layout which places disclosure and logos on the front page. Furthermore, we can customize layouts for special projects such as a 6-page layout, or blank pages for internal addition of disclosure.




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