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(NARAX) Getting Big through Betting Small
Phoenix Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Fund

Sep 28, 9:39 AM ET

Believe it or not, there are bond funds that donít really care about the level of interest rates. This strategy has worked quite well for Phoenix Multi-Sector Short Term Bond Fund, which takes only small bites of risk in a diversified fashion. Achieving consistent returns in any interest rate environment, manager David Albrycht thinks the key is active sector rotation and granularity.

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(HNEAX) Quantitative Approach
Huntington New Economy Fund

Sep 26, 11:08 AM ET

The Huntington New Economy Fund looks for innovation, broadly defined. We can find it in any industry, whether in a process, a product, or a management style. It is more important to the management of this fund to stay focused on growth, and to beat its benchmark with low risk. The philosophy driving the fund is that it is possible to generate excess returns through quantitative modeling processes. The fundís focus is on small and mid-cap stocks, or SMIDs.

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(LCEAX) Balancing Act
AIM Diversified Dividend Fund

Sep 23, 8:04 AM ET

The management team of AIM Diversified Dividend Fund believes that dividend-paying stocks may represent a valuable component of a successful portfolio, both to maximize total return and mitigate volatility. AIM Diversified Dividend is a large-cap core fund that seeks to provide consistent performance throughout all market environments by balancing long-term capital appreciation, dividend income and capital preservation.

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(AEDAX) European All-Cap Beyond Borders
AIM European Growth Fund

Sep 20, 2:37 PM ET

AIM manages two European funds with compelling track records, the AIM European Growth Fund and AIM European Small Company Fund. Here Clas Olsson, Senior Portfolio Manager on AIM European Growth Fund discusses how their disciplined investment process has helped them navigate well across numerous borders, sectors, market cap sizes, accounting standards and cultures Ė itís all about focus and Earnings, Quality and Valuation!

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(MMCPX) Focus on Fundamentals
MainStay Mid Cap Growth Fund

Sep 13, 7:27 AM ET

In the growth space, making the right long-term bets is only attainable through the support of systematic research. Rudolph Carryl, the portfolio manager of the MainStay Mid Cap Growth Fund has utilized fundamental analysis to deliver above-average returns at relatively low risk levels.

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(SGQAX) Thinking Out of the Box
Scudder Global Fund

Sep 12, 6:05 AM ET

Globalization is a fact that dramatically changes the rules of the game. These changes can be a true gift for investors who understand the forces of globalization and are not afraid to look forward into the next decades. In a game of shifting dominance, the Scudder Global Fund finds opportunities even at unexpected places, not only in long-term winners, but also in defenders under pressure.

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