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Market Update : 
Record November Auto Sales, Chrysler and Jaguar Retain Momentum
Author: Mukesh Buch
Last Update: 2:00 AM ET December 04 2015

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6:00 PM New York November month auto sales were the best in fourteen years and consumers preferred larger vehicles. Four of the five largest automakers reported rising sales but Honda sales declined 5%. Industry sales are likely to exceed 18 million units in 2015. Jaguar Land Rover and Chrysler sales increase continue to outpace industry growth.

Seasonally adjusted U.S. auto sales in November rose 1.3% to 1.32 million, third monthly sales increase in a row and the best November month sales in fourteen years.

Auto sales increased compared to a year ago at a slower pace largely on the two fewer selling days - Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day.

Truck sales continued to outpace passenger car sales after gasoline prices hover near $2 a gallon, low interest rates and slow relatively healthy job market.

Automakers took advantage of the demand for larger vehicles and trucks and stepped up with additional incentives supported sales increase.

The seasonally adjusted annualized sales rates in dropped to 18.19 million from 18.24 million vehicles sales in October.

TrueCar Inc said incentives in November increased $172 to $3,066 per vehicle compared to the same period a year ago.

The average new vehicle sale price rose 1% to $32,966 from the previous month.

Total light vehicle sales in November increased 1.3% to 1,319,299 from 1,302,043 in the month a year ago.

In November, sale of passenger cars declined 8.6% to 546,313 from 597,557 but light truck sales soared 9.7% to 772,986 from 704,486 in the month a year ago.

Seasonally adjusted annual sales rate in November dropped to 18.19 million from 18.24 million in October but jumped from 17.13 million in a year ago month, according to the data released by the industry researcher Autodata Corp based in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

Four of the five largest automakers reported sales increase in November and Honda sales declined 5%.

Nissan sales jumped 3.8%, Toyota sales advanced 3.4%. Sales at Fiat Chrysler rose 3%, General Motors sales increased 1.5% and sales at Ford edged up 0.3%.

For the year so far, Fiat Chrysler sales climbed 6.8%, Nissan sales soared 6%, Ford sales jumped 5%, General Motors sales increased 4.9% and Toyota sales rose 4.7%.

Kia sales rose 1.4%, sales jumped 3.6% at Mitsubishi while Mazda sales surged 7%. Subaru sales in November gained 1.8%. research team revised its 2015 annual sales estimate to 18 million.

GM and Ford Struggle, Chrysler Retains Momentum

General Motors (GM) sales increased 1.5% to 229,296 units from 225,818. Sales of light vehicles surged 11.5% to 165,565 from 148,449 while passenger car sales plunged 17.6% to 63,731 from 77,369.

For the year so far, sales jumped 4.9% to 2,792,136 from 2,660,525.

Ford Motor Company (F) said sales in September edged up 0.3% to 186,889 units from 186,334 vehicles a year ago. Truck sales in the month rose 5.3% to 138,058 from 131,148.

Sales of passenger cars declined 11.5% to 48,831 units from 55,186 a year ago month.

In November, sales of Fusion fell 4% to 19,451 units compared to 20,263 units a year ago. Focus sales tumbled 24.7% to 11,186 units and Mustang sales plummeted 16.5% to 7,286 units from 8,728 units. F-Series truck sales in the month soared 18.3% to 83,912.

Sales of utilities dropped 9.6% to 55,051 units compared to a year ago month.

Escape sales in the month declined 18.5% to 20,807 vehicles but Edge sales jumped 6.4% to 8,137 vehicles. Ford brand sales gained 0.6% to 179,876 vehicles and Lincoln sales slid 2.4% to 7,918 units.

Fiat Chrysler LLC sales in the month rose 3% to 175,974 units from 170,839 vehicles and rose for the 68th month in a row.

Total car sales in the month tumbled 22% to 32,478 units while truck sales soared 11% to 143,496 units from a year ago period. Jeep Brand sales surged 20% to 68,903 units and RAM pickup sales added 2% to 36,407 units.

Chrysler brand sales plunged 12% to 23,953 units and Dodge brand sales declined 8% to 38,938 units.

For the year so far, sales jumped 7% to 2,026,380 units from 1,897,378 units.

Toyota Regains Second Position

Toyota Motor sales in November gained 3.4% to 189,517 units from 183,346 units in the same period a year earlier.

Passenger car sales fell 2.7% to 91,159 from 93,721 units and light trucks jumped 9.7% to 98,358 units from 89,625 units in the same period a year ago.

For the year, sales gained 4.7% to 2.26 million.

Honda sales in October dropped 5.2% to 115,441 units from 121,814 units a year ago period.

Passenger car sales slipped 5% to 58,361 units from 61,430 units and sales of the light trucks dropped 5.5% to 57,080 units compared to 60,384 units a year ago month.

Acura sales declined 17.6% to 12,244 units while sales of Accord rose 1.2% to 25,566 units.

For the year, sales increased 2.3% to 1,435,658 units from 1,403,591 units.

Nissan Motor Company vehicles sales in November gained 3.8% to 107,083 from 103,188 vehicles in the same month a year ago. Year-to-date sales jumped 6% to 1,345,618 from 1,269,577 vehicles.

Passenger car sales in the month fell 6.6% while sales of light trucks soared 18.7% from a year ago month.

Mitsubishi Motors vehicles sales rose 3.6% to 6,772 units compared to 6,534 units in the month of last year.

Sales for Mazda jumped 7% to 22,732 units compared to 21,242 units in November 2014.

Subaru of America Inc sales in the month added 1.8% to 46,070 vehicles from 45,273 vehicles a year ago period. Year-to-date sales soared 13.5% to 526,401 vehicles from 463,770 vehicles.

In the month, sales of automobiles rose 0.3% to 25,269 vehicles compared to 25,565 and sales of the light trucks gained 3.7% to 20,441 vehicles from 19,708 vehicles a year ago period.

Hyundai Motor America sales surged 11.8% to 60,007 units from 53,672 units. Sales of light vehicles soared 19.6% to 16,062 units from 13,429 units and automobiles sales jumped 9.2% to 43,945 units.

Kia Motors America sales in the month rose 1.4% to 45,553 vehicles from a year ago month.

Auto sales in November increased 1.8% while sales of light trucks added 0.5% from in the same month a year ago.

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Soar, Mercedes Sales Fall

Volkswagen Group of America Inc sales in October plunged 16.3% to 40,834 units from 48,801 units a year ago period.

Audi sales edged up 0.4% to 16,700; Volkswagen brand sales tumbled 24.7% to 23,882 units while Bentley sales plummeted 41.8% to 188 units. Lamborghini sales declined 43.4% to 64 units.

Mercedes-Benz USA unit sales in November slumped 11.7% to 33,475 vehicles from a year ago month.

Maybach did not sell a single vehicle in the month and sales of the Smart branded vehicles plunged 18.8% to 662 vehicles from 815 vehicles a year ago period.

BMW of North America Inc sales in November rose 1.2% to 36,521 units compared to 36,090 units in the same month a year ago.

Rolls Royce sales soared 19.4% to 74 units from a year ago and Mini sales declined 11.3% to 4,444 units.

Jaguar Land Rover N.A. LLC unit sales in November surged 55.3% to 7,604 units from 4,897 units a year ago. Land Rover sales soared 79.4% to 6,539 units from 3,644 units.

Porsche Cars N.A. Inc sales in the month dropped 5.3% to 4,450 vehicles from 4,699 vehicles a year ago period. For the year-so-far sales jumped 9.3% to 47,820 vehicles from 43,732 vehicles.

Sales of passenger cars in the month slipped 6.1% to 1,965 vehicles from 2,093 vehicles and sales of the light trucks fell 4.6% to 2,485 vehicles compared to 2,606 vehicles a year ago month.

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