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November Auto Sales Up 17%; Toyota Sales Down 3.3%
Author: Mukesh Buch
Last Update: 6:37 AM ET December 05 2010

6:35 AM New York Auto sales in November increased from a year ago as consumers seek bargains and show willingness to buy bigger cars with more accessories. Light truck sales in the month exceeded the auto sales.

November auto sales rose 16.9% from a year ago and the yearly sales to the month increased 11.1% as consumers return to dealers. Though unemployment remains high and economic recovery is slow and uneven, customers returned to take advantage of few bargains.

Toyota the lone automaker reported sales decline.

The U.S. auto sales in October were flat after the Cash for Clunkers program expired. Korean makers Hyundai and Kia reported sharp gains in sales followed by sales at Subaru.

For the first eleven months, total light vehicle sales increased 11.1% to 10.44 million from 9.40 million, passenger car sales rose 5.4% to 5.25 million from 4.98 million and light truck sales increased 17.5% to 5.20 million from 4.23 million.

The monthly data are released by the industry research organization Autodata Corp based in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. research team has left its annual unit sales outlook at 11.3 million and December sales at 850,000 units.

In November, total light vehicle sales increased 16.9% to 873,323 from 747,013 from a year ago period. Passenger car sales in the month rose to 406,299 from 378,154 and light truck sales increased to 467,024 from 368,859.

Seasonally adjusted annual sales in November were flat at 12.26 million from October month and increased from 10.86 million a year ago month.

For the year sales for Subaru rose 22.5% and Hyundai Motor sales increased of 23.0%.

Hyundai sales in the month rose 45.2%, Kia sales increased 48.2% and Subaru sales gained 22.4%.

Ford Sales Surge 24.3%, GM Sales Rise 12.2%

General Motors (GM) sales increased 12.2% to 168,670 from 150,305. Sales for the first eleven months increased 7.0% to 1,986,944 from 1,856,399. Sales of light vehicles rose 20.7% to 0.11 million from 0.09 million.

Ford Motor Company (F) sales increased 24.3% to 146,956 from 118,215 vehicles a year ago. First eleven months sales rose 21.1% to 1,741,343 from 1,437,736 compared to a year ago period. Truck sales in the month rose 24.1% to 93,971 from 75,736. Sales for cars increased 24.7% to 52,985 compared to 42,479 a year ago. In November, Fusion sales increased 28% to 17,647.

Year-to-date Fusion sales totaled 196,590, eclipsing the previous full-year sales record of 180,671 set last year.

Chrysler LLC sales in November increased 16.7% to 74,152 from 63,560 vehicles a year ago. Sales of cars increased 9.1% to 13,112 and light truck sales rose 24.2% to 61,040. For the year so far, sales increased 16.5% to 984,509 from 844,879.

Japanese Makers Sales Soar; Toyota Sales Drop 3.3%

Toyota Motor sales in November fell 3.3% to 129,317 units from 133,700 units in the same period a year earlier. Sales for the first eleven months increased 0.2% to 1,586,107 from 1,582,289. Sales of the cars decreased 16.9% to 67,889 units from 81,677 units and light trucks gained 18.1% to 61,428 units from 52,023 a year ago.

Honda sales in the month increased 21.1% to 89,617 units from 74,003 units a year ago. For the year so far, sales rose 5.5% to 1.1 million from 1.04 million. Sales of cars in the month increased 13.9% to 45,285 units from 39,765 units and sales of the light trucks gained 29.5% to 44,332 units compared to 34,238 a year ago.

Nissan Motor Company vehicles sales in the month increased 26.8% to 71,366 units from 56,288 units a year ago. For the year so far, sales rose 17.0% to 0.81 million from 0.70 million. November cars sales rose 12.7% and sales of the light trucks rose 54.5% from a year ago.
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Sources: Data collected by and from company press releases, filings and corporate websites.
Market data: BATS Exchange. Inc.

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