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Rotating Strategies
Paragon Top Flight Portfolio

Nov 21, 2:40 PM ET
Portfolio managers have traditionally taken advantage of market volatility by diversifying across various asset classes. Nathan White and his team at Paragon Wealth Management, however, run the companyís Top Flight Portfolio through diversification across various investment styles. Rotating in strategies that do well and avoiding those that come short of expectations helps the portfolio team to balance risks for investors.
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Sound Value to Full Value
RNC Genter High Dividend Strategy

Sep 26, 12:21 PM ET
Companies with a history of increasing dividends and earnings tend to fuel a higher stock price for investors in the long run. Daniel Genter looks for companies that are capable of sustaining earnings and dividends while trading at a discount to their intrinsic value.
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Three Global Investment Trends
Foxhall Capital Management

Aug 19, 1:46 PM ET
A swiftly expanding middle class in Asia and the overall surge of emerging markets has been fostering additional demand for consumer products offered by multinational companies. These trends are developing along with an infrastructure boom in these nations that are powering the demand for commodities and hard assets. Paul Dietrich highlights the methods that Foxhall Capital Management employs for its ETF Series in order to benefit from these major global trends.
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Pearls of Investing Wisdom
Westcore Funds

Jul 21, 11:09 AM ET
Successful long-term investing requires patience, an optimistic outlook, and exposure to the appropriate market space. Todger Anderson, President of Westcore Funds, explains how the firmís growth team has been responding to the challenges of an ever-changing industry to maintain the consistent performance of its portfolios over a period of three decades.
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Valuation Sensitive Growth Strategy
Profit Small Cap Equity Strategy

Jul 14, 9:38 AM ET
A large number of companies expanding at a rapid pace inevitably face temporary problems, driving their shares out of favor in the marketplace. Eugene Profit searches for companies that demonstrate the ability to overcome such problems thanks to their near- term potential to win back investor confidence.
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Customized Muni Bond Portfolios
Abner, Herrman & Brock Municipal Bond Strategy

Jul 05, 12:49 PM ET
Municipal bonds provide safety of capital and returns that are comparable to investing in U.S. Treasuries, not to mention tax incentives. As the economy struggles and a careful analysis in selecting bonds has been in high demand, municipal bond investing has become more research intensive than ever. Kevin Strauss and Bryan DiDonato at Abner, Herrman & Brock adhere to the firmís criteria for selection by investing only in the highest quality of general obligation and essential service revenue municipal bonds.
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Indexing with Hedges
Clothier Springs Capital Management

Jun 13, 3:46 PM ET
One of the traditional ways of investing is to turn to index funds or exchange traded funds that are linked to broader market indexes. Still, long-term investors can benefit from an additional layer of risk management by hedging market volatility to their advantage. Thomas McKeon highlights the array of hedged equity strategies that are available at Clothier Springs Capital Management.
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Country Selection, Earnings Revisions
Opera Pan-Asia Fund

Jun 10, 2:29 PM ET
The rapidly expanding economies in Asia provide companies with a unique chance to expand earnings at probably the fastest pace in the world. Still, the region is prone to periods of sharp declines in market valuations, posing a serious threat to unseasoned investors in local stocks. Robert Howe, portfolio manager for the Opera Pan-Asia Fund, seeks to generate consistent returns by giving higher priority to countries than stocks in his selection process.
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Enhanced SMAs
Curian Capital

May 09, 11:38 AM ET
If a separately managed account program is supposed to offer more flexibility than funds, a comprehensive platform of SMA products will provide a full range of solutions to reflect every investorís objectives and concerns. Steven Young explains how the expanded product lineup at Curian Capital can match a portfolio that meets a clientís needs from exposure to commodities to socially responsible and business cycle investing.
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Concentrated Growth Investing
MCM Concentrated Growth Equity Strategy

Apr 06, 1:06 PM ET
Companies that can sustain their earnings and revenue growth serve as a good starting point for growth-oriented investors. Stephen B. Schuler and Jeffrey L. Caples, portfolio managers of the MCM Concentrated Growth Equity Strategy, scour select industries that they understand well in search of businesses with multiple drivers in place to sustain earnings growth. Furthermore, their investment team establishes long-term projections for stock prices to determine the most attractive entry point.
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