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Hidden Middle Market Yields
DDJ High Yield Bond Strategy

Dec 29, 10:49 AM ET
Applying a deep value approach to the credit markets with an emphasis on downside business risks and creditor protections is key to investing in high yield bonds. Anthony Ranaldi, portfolio manager of the DDJ High Yield Bond Strategy, applies rigorous business and legal diligence on middle market companies in his pursuit of undiscovered gems in this segment of the market.
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Diamonds in the Rough
Dean Chase International Equity Value Strategy

Dec 15, 8:13 AM ET
Most investors do not have an inherent loss-avoidance strategy that not only provides downside protection but also offers capital appreciation potential. Deep value manager Al Polit adheres to a strict approach of finding out-of-favor companies with underlying and quantifiable value for the Dean Chase International Equity Value strategy.
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Sector Strengths
ICON Advisers

Nov 12, 1:04 PM ET
Individual investors may spot market surges in technology, energy, or healthcare, but they may hesitate to rotate from these investments into the next leading market sector. Craig T. Callahan, CEO and founder of ICON Advisers, works closely with advisers to provide access to the company’s systematic investment process rooted in identifying sectors at an early stage of market leadership.
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Global Value Search
Value Investment Principals

Sep 10, 1:15 PM ET
As businesses tend to operate in cycles, a good company can always suffer a temporary slowdown or completely fall out of favor with investors. Deep value researcher Value Investment Principals evaluates such names and determines which companies have sustainable business models that could offer good value to long-term investors.
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Thematic Gains
The Roosevelt Investment Group All Cap Core Strategy

Aug 31, 2:09 PM ET
When combined with prudent and consistent risk controls, thematic investment may serve as a good source of sustainable returns. Portfolio manager Jason Sheer provides insights into how The Roosevelt Investment Group looks for opportunities across the globe regardless of company size and location.
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Value for All Seasons
RCB All Cap Value Strategy

Aug 26, 1:12 PM ET
The combination of internal stock research and a rigorous bottom-up evaluation process serves as a good prerequisite for identifying value in different environments. Jeffrey Bronchick, portfolio manager of the RCB All Cap Value Strategy, looks for exceptional companies that are trading at a discount to future cash flows, regardless of market trends and predictions.
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Balancing Returns and Volatility
Rutherford Multi-Cap Growth Strategy

Aug 06, 8:37 AM ET
Separately managed accounts are best leveraged when an advisor matches clients’ investment goals and risk outlook while benefiting from opportunities that arise due to market volatility. At Rutherford Investment Management, portfolio manager William Rutherford uses a proper blend of domestic and international securities and bonds to generate returns for his clients.
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Dividend Protection
Carl Domino, Inc. Large Cap Value Equity Strategy

Jul 27, 9:04 AM ET
Investment returns are satisfactory when managed to meet clients’ needs. Carl Domino, Inc., launched in 1987 focuses on understanding investor goals and risk appetite, and large cap companies with a dividend history as their preferred investment vehicles.
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Managing Rate Cycles
Cumberland Advisors

Jul 19, 8:53 AM ET
A thorough understanding of the cost of money requires comprehensive research and analysis of real interest rates and their correlation with inflation. At Cumberland Advisors, portfolio manager Peter Demirali seeks to protect clients’ capital by paying a close attention to nominal interest rates, inflation expectations and individual security risk.
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Stability Through Duration Management
Cavanaugh Capital Management Limited Duration Strategy

Jun 25, 8:52 AM ET
As a client-driven asset manager, Cavanaugh Capital Management utilizes the specific role of fixed-income investments in an investor’s portfolio by focusing on the safety of principal while generating total return with low volatility. The firm’s Limited Duration Strategy is designed to help institutional clients meet sudden cash needs.
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