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Analyst View / Management Talk Q&A: 
Growth and Income Balanced
Tillar-Wenstrup Core Balanced Portfolio

Dec 31, 9:05 AM ET
Balanced portfolios offer the combined benefit of fixed-income security of returns and equity-driven capital growth. Tillar-Wenstrup Advisors provides its Core Balanced Portfolios to investors looking to generate stable returns regardless of market volatility.
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Trend Driven, Risk Adverse
Wall & Co. Global Growth Program II Institutional

Dec 30, 2:34 PM ET
Investors who practice a “buy and hold” investment strategy will be exposed to punishing bear markets. Wall & Co. uses technical analysis and quantitative techniques to minimize the damage of market downturns by identifying market direction in a timely manner.
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Time Tested Strategies
Validea Dividend Value Portfolio

Dec 24, 11:06 AM ET
The consistency of a systemic and quantitative approach in stock selection and portfolio rebalancing is bound to help a portfolio manager generate above-average returns. At the helm of Validea Dividend Value Portfolio, John Reese applies a combination of time-tested strategies that are designed to maximize returns and lower risks.
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Fundamental Valuation
Texas First Select Value Portfolio

Dec 22, 11:53 AM ET
Douglas Cannon, who oversees the Texas First Select Value strategy, is a value manager who uses fundamental research to seek long-term price appreciation, with an emphasis on risk limitation and industry-diversified portfolios.
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Advance and Protect
Carson Wealth Management Group

Dec 10, 12:16 PM ET
A lot of investors and wealth managers alike focus on creating wealth but preserving wealth is an equally serious challenge that requires ongoing dedication, focus, and understanding. At Carson Wealth Management Group, Ronald Carson and his team employ a consistent four-step investment process to protect and advance their clients’ wealth.
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Investing in Earnings and Dividend Growth
Timberline Dividend & Growth Strategy

Dec 07, 11:54 AM ET
Gregg Giboney, portfolio manager of the Timberline Dividend & Growth Strategy, stresses that companies willing to share some of their earnings with shareholders tend to show a higher discipline of capital allocation and are likely to outperform broader market indices as they have in the past.
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Harnessing Value Discrepancy
Trapeze Long Only Equity Strategy

Dec 04, 2:48 PM ET
Stocks may go in and out of favor but a stock’s long-term track record tends to reflect its fair market value. Randall and Herb Abramson at Trapeze Asset Management Inc. focus on identifying companies that are trading below their intrinsic value in order to profit from these discrepancies.
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Client-Centric Approach
The Coleman Group - Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Nov 18, 8:45 AM ET
Roger Coleman, Managing Director – Wealth Management and Bruce Burrows, Senior VP – Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney diversify portfolios by selecting asset managers through a four-step process, while also educating clients about life’s financial uncertainties.
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Building and Preserving Net Worth
Capitol Wealth Management Group

Nov 04, 8:05 AM ET
Marvin McIntyre, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, works with his clients to identify their goals and build portfolios that not only focus on growing but also on preserving clients’ net worth and, above all, their lifestyle.
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Bridging the Nordic Region to the World
Copenhagen Malmo port

Oct 30, 2:14 PM ET
The Copenhagen Malmo port serves as a focal point for the Nordic ocean trade. As one of the biggest in the Nordic region and one of the largest Northern European cruise-ship ports, this modern facility occupies a key position in the Baltic Sea Region for the distribution of cars and transit oil.
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