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Analyst View / Management Talk Q&A: 
The Global Aluminum Story

Dec 10, 9:11 AM ET
In the age of globalization, climate change, and environmental concerns, all manufacturers are under pressure to cut the use of energy and the environmental footprint.
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Listening to Two Markets
PENN Capital Management

Nov 20, 12:12 PM ET
Investors are better at interpreting company fundamentals if they both understand the bonds and the stock of a given company. PENN Capital reviews the entire capital structure to identify opportunities when companies refinance their bonds or raise capital to fund an acquisition.
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Research Hub
Research Triangle Regional Partnership

Oct 30, 2:35 PM ET
In the 1950s, a group of innovative leaders conceived the idea of The Research Triangle Park and changed the economic course of this region in North Carolina...
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Long Beach Port: West Coast Gateway
Port of Long Beach

Oct 22, 9:27 AM ET
One of the largest and most significant U.S. ports, the Port of Long Beach, benefits from the developments in global trade but, at the same time, works on creating efficiencies and incentives for a cleaner environment.
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Indexing Global Markets
Russell Global Indexes

Sep 23, 2:07 PM ET
With an established name for index construction in the U.S., Russell went into similar products but on a global scale. The launch of the Russell Global Indexes comes as a natural extension of the domestic indexes and, more importantly, it is consistent with the U.S. methodology.
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Brokers vs. Investors: The Roots of the Conflict
Demystifying Wall Street: Shedding a Little Light on the BULL!

Jul 07, 1:09 PM EDT
After 20 years on Wall Street, Bruce Fleet exposes the conflict of interest in the brokerage industry in his book Demystifying Wall Street: Shedding a Little Light on the Bull! But the book is far more than a critique of the Street’s dubious practices. Its primary goal is to educate investors on the rules of the game, their options, and the importance of money management, so that they get a fair deal on protecting their financial future.
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Capital Preservation
Caldwell Trust Company

Jun 13, 2:14 PM EDT
Caldwell Trust Company is an independent trust company devoted to providing clients with personalized and focused professional services that safeguard their financial assets while maximizing investment return. Fund managers R. G. Caldwell Jr. and H. Lee Thacker Jr. believe that they can build loyalties with clients through word-of-mouth referrals without the need for mass marketing. The company has three kinds of clients: - individuals, business owners and group employee retirement plans.
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An Index Map of Market Cap
FTSE NASDAQ Index Series

May 28, 1:13 PM EDT
Most investors associate NASDAQ with large outperforming companies but they should not overlook the potential of other market cap tiers on the exchange. The FTSE NASDAQ Index Series uses FTSE’s global indexing expertise to break the Nasdaq marketplace into Large-, Mid- and Small- cap market segments. FTSE Americas President Jerry Moskowitz explains how this structured breakdown offers a whole spectrum of exposure and diversification in the NASDAQ marketplace.
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Rethinking Global Concepts
The Challenges of Globalization

May 21, 8:43 AM EDT
In light of the serious problems that humanity faces in the age of globalization, the book The Challenges of Globalization sets the ideational stage for reconsidering our concepts about nature, culture, and freedom, and for seeking pragmatic solutions. Consisting of 11 essays by different scholars, the volume unites contemporary thought leaders in both the West and East, seeking answers to complicated global problems.
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The U.K. Outlook
Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers

May 20, 2:36 PM EDT
One of the largest economies in the world and a global financial sector, the U.K. has been going through interesting times. As a multinational market, it inevitably shares some of the problems and concerns of the U.S. market, but also benefits from the diversified global exposure of its companies. Richard Hunter, the Head of UK Equities in Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, discusses the drivers, the concerns, and the outlook for the U.K. market.
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