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Analyst View / Management Talk Q&A: 
Indexing the Globe
FTSE Europe, Middle East and Africa

Dec 17, 11:59 AM EST
Though many of us still associate the FTSE mainly with the London Stock Exchange, the company has gone a long way and enjoyed significant growth on its way of becoming truly global. Working across many different geographies, asset classes, and market segments, FTSE relies on its strong brand name and credibility, on understanding and quickly responding to clients’ needs, and on building lasting partnerships.
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Fundamental Market Indexes
FTSE RAFI Index Series

Nov 13, 11:15 AM EDT
Since market-cap weighted indexes weight companies according to market capitalization, and respectively the stock price, they often reflect the investors’ enthusiasm over certain sectors. To remove market exuberance from the indexing process, FTSE, together with its partner Research Affiliates, has developed FTSE RAFI Index Series, a range of indices that are based on fundamental metrics of company size including sales, earnings, book value, cash flow, and dividends.
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Currencies – Different Asset Class
EverBank World Markets

Oct 17, 11:51 AM EDT
The volatility of the dollar against the yen or the euro takes many investors by surprise, but there is always a fundamental reason behind the currency trends and a potential benefit for an investor’s portfolio. Chuck Butler, the President of EverBank World Markets, provides invaluable insight on the drivers and trends of the currency market and the current weak dollar trend.
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The Uneasy Shift Towards Internet Media
A.G. Edwards

Sep 03, 11:06 AM EDT
Between the skeptics and the enthusiasts on the development of Internet media, Denise Garcia, an analyst for A.G. Edwards, believes in the potential of the Internet but also acknowledges the difficulties that slow down the shift from offline to online advertising. A new media requires a fresh look at the market, new strategies and business plans - a change that traditional media companies and advertisers are often reluctant to make.
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Values in Growth

May 10, 2:44 PM EDT
The ability to see beyond the next few quarters, and focus on what a company’s long-term growth can be, allows Roxbury’s Strategic Growth portfolio to exploit short-term investor biases. Using a disciplined, consistent and patient investment process, lead portfolio manager Brian Massey looks for durable large-cap franchises that can grow excess returns on capital into the future, yet trade at significant discounts to the firm’s estimate of their true worth.
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In Management We Trust

May 04, 11:08 AM EDT
The right people can turn mediocre companies into great investments. The core philosophy of Biondo Investment Advisors is built on the fundamental belief that the success of a company is predicated on management’s effectiveness. The investment managers seek capital appreciation, primarily investing in a diversified portfolio of equity securities of companies of all sizes with above-average growth potential relative to their peers.
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Comprehensive Indexing

Jan 04, 3:20 PM EST
There are various strategies to construct a diversified portfolio, but if the goal is complete representation of the investable market, then the best way is to take 98% of the total market cap, market weight it, and adjust it for free float, according to Kelly Haughton. Transparency and objectivity are the other key elements of Russell’s philosophy, as index membership is based on a strict set of rules available to everyone, not on the decision of a committee.
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