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1. Global Market Update
We are looking to add three people to our global markets update team.
The work requires ability to monitor fiancial markets in Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas. The hourly market summary covers market news, trends, active stocks and economic news that affect the market sentiment. The daily assignment requires working under tight deadline, succinct writing style, and an ability to explain market trends.
2. Earnings Call Summaries
Our earnings call team is growing and we are looking to add at least five individuals. The assignment requires to listen to earnings call audio, read financial transcripts and press releases, collect information from company web sites, and structure earnings call summary.
3. Earnings Call Trasncription Team
Our transcribers generate earnings conference calls transcript from digital audio files.

Each transcriber willl focus on a select list of companies. Transcribers are expected to build knowledge of company financials, earnings history, investors concerns, and industry trends. Our team needs twenty people with a knowledge of financial markets, accounting terms, and typing speed of 50 wpm or more.
4. Financial Data
Currently we are preparing a database of companies trading on various stock exchanges in Asia, Europe and Americas. We are looking to add ten people. The assignment requires collecting financial information from public filings and company web sites. Understanding of financial and investment terms and attention to details is required.
5. Graphic Designers
Visualization of financial data helps communication. We are looking to add three designers who can create financial tables, graphs, and charts for the Internet layout. Understanding of multi-media content and knowledge of advanced programming languages in integrating sound, text and video is required.
6. Marketing Assistants
We create customized financial content. Our marketing team is looking to add three associates. Working in a team environment marketing associates analyze market needs, identify information products, and contact prospects. Marketing associates maintain a close contact with assigned accounts and work with other associates in design and production.
7. Research Associates
We are building a team of industry research analysts. At present we are hiring research staff covering manufacturing, transportation, technology, retailing and media sectors. Our team focuses on preparing industry reseach reports for regions and global markets.
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