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Fourth Quarter GDP Shrinks, Stocks Fall
10:48 AM ET January 30 2009
The fourth quarter GDP declined at an annual rate of 3.8% on weak consumer spending, residential investments and weak exports. Stocks in the early morning dropped on weak economic data. fourth quarter sales increased 18% and net rose 9%.
Japan Industrial Production Drops 9.6%
3:40 PM ET January 30 2009
Japan industrial production index in December dropped 9.6%. The sharp decline in production was driven by falling demand in transport and industrial machinery orders and falling global exports. The total number of unemployed rose 17% in December. The Nikkei 225 index fell 3.1%.
Weak Lending in Australia, Rio Tinto Sells Mines
3:41 PM ET January 30 2009
Stocks in Australia gained on a rise in gold price. Despite a decline in interest rate and significant increase in lending availability from the Reserve Bank of Australia, the lending fell 0.3% in December. Separately, Rio Tinto sold its iron ore mine and potash assets for $1.6 billion.
Amazon, Flowserve Rise; Monster, Juniper Fall
2:35 PM ET January 30 2009
U.S. stocks edged lower on weak economic growth report. increased on higher sales and earnings. Monster Worldwide declined on 37% decline in earnings. Chevron and ExxonMobil gained after reporting better than expected earnings.
HK Exports Fall, Stocks Follow
3:14 PM ET January 30 2009
Hong Kong exports in December fell more than 11% and for the year declined 5%. Exports declined 15% to the U.S. and dropped 12% to china. Chine imported 51% of its crude oil needs in 2008. Stocks in Hong Kong trading rose on a surge in shipping companies.
Weak Profits, Weaker GDP;S&P Falls 8.6%
5:28 PM ET January 30 2009
The preliminary read on the fourth quarter U.S. GDP suggested a decline in real and nominal terms. The twin decline, a first in fifty years may indicate a weakness in corporate profits in the fourth quarter. Industrial production in Japan fell sharply and exports from Hong Kong declined.
Sensex Rises 2%, Mixed Earnings
12:08 PM ET January 30 2009
Foreign currency rserves of India declined $4.5 billion to $247.6 billion at the end of last week. Core rate of economic growth declined at 2.3% in December. Tata Motors reported 263 crore rupees in the latest quarter. Adani Enterprises net in the quarter dropped 54%. L&T profit nearly tripled.
UK Confidence, Luxury Home Prices Decline
2:36 PM ET January 30 2009
The benchmark stock index in London trading dropped 1% after consumer confidence declined and luxury home price index fell in December. Homes priced more than 1 million dropped 3.7% in January from December and declined 21% from a year ago. Miners in trading declined after a fall in metal prices.
Japan Retail Sales Fall, Sony Q3 Loss
12:00 PM ET January 29 2009
December retail sales in Japan fell 2.7% as consumer keep a tight grip on spending on worrying job losses. The recent declines in energy costs have still not been passed on to the consumers. Sony reported operating loss in the third quarter of 18 billion and estimated full year loss of 150 billlion.
New Zealand Lowers Rates to 3.5%
5:25 PM ET January 29 2009
New Zealand aggressively cut its benchmark lending rate to 3.5% from 5% as the central bank lowers its view on the global economic conditions and prospects of higher exports. Stocks in Australia edged higher 0.9% on higher commodities prices.

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