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(LU0312225591) Absolute Returns through Diversified Assets
Aug 17, 10:04 AM ET
As markets around the world have become increasingly correlated, investors are finding it more and more difficult to achieve true diversification within their portfolio. Charles Morris and his team at the HSBC Absolute Return Fund focus on absolute returns by exploiting investment opportunities in various asset classes and investment styles so as to generate consistent risk adjusted returns.
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Stocks With Growth Drivers
Nov 16, 2:54 PM ET
Despite an incessant flow of information on Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, the region is still not well covered by brokerage houses and finance media when it comes to investing. Portfolio manager Leigh Innes explains how T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund handles volatility, currency risks, and an invariable lack of liquidity through a concentrated portfolio of bigger holdings on fewer stocks.
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Exploiting Negative Emotions
Dec 13, 11:31 AM EST
Focusing on the little-known arena of international small and mid-cap companies requires substantial enterprise and research. Joe Joseph and Randy Farina, portfolio managers of the Putnam International Capital Opportunities Fund, have built a portfolio comprising of the bottom 20% of international small cap companies, from developed markets by adopting a unique investment strategy of exploiting people’s emotions arising from stock price fluctuations.
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Selecting Stocks Globally
Oct 16, 11:20 AM EST
Identifying the right stocks in a vast global universe of over 2,500 stocks is both cumbersome and difficult. Shigeki Makino and Brad Greenleaf, portfolio managers for Putnam Global Equity Fund, and their global team of experts carry out this task by utilizing a process that blends quantitative and fundamental analysis, which they believe will deliver consistent returns and outperform their global benchmark.
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Quality in Quotients
Sep 17, 10:35 AM EST
While many global funds scour the world to find the best companies in their countries, the Harding Loevner Global Equity Fund has quite a different strategy. In an increasingly global economy, the fund looks for companies with competitive advantage across global sectors. A well-defined research process and a long-term investment horizon help the fund keep its focus on quality names with durable growth.
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Multi Manager, Multi Markets
Aug 27, 10:31 AM EST
Managed with capital preservation in mind, the HSBC Open Global Distribution Fund aims to provide a high level of income by investing in the widest possible range of asset classes across global markets. The fund manager Nick Pothier is prepared to head well off the beaten track to uncover talented sub-managers with alternative investment philosophies and to combine those in ways which maximize diversification and reduce risk.
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The Probability to Outperform
Aug 08, 10:09 AM EST
Scouring a large universe of international stocks to find the ones with best chances to outperform, is indeed a difficult task. Joshua Byrne, the manager of the Putnam International Equity Fund, relies on a long-term view, a disciplined process, a team of 20 sector analysts, and a blend between quantitative and fundamental analysis to find multiple points of confirmation that the stocks in his portfolio have all it takes to outperform.
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Going Anywhere to Find Value
Jun 27, 10:05 AM EST
Wendy Trevisani, the co-manager of the Thornburg International Value Fund together with Bill Fries and Lei Wang, runs a focused and, yet, diversified portfolio. With no constraints on industries, capitalization sizes, or geographies, the fund looks anywhere to find value and growth potential, including the emerging markets. Its long-term bias and a global approach allow the fund to spot opportunities that others may neglect and play them in a variety of ways.
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Global Small Cap Search
May 03, 9:55 AM EST
Growth portfolios are associated with more risk but Joseph Axtell, the manager of the DWS Global Opportunities Fund, believes that if you have the flexibility to look for growth anywhere, you can control your risks better. He manages the fund with maximum choices not only in terms of locations, but also in terms of market cap and growth type. A crucial aspect for finding opportunities is the input from Deutsche Bank’s local analysts all over the world.
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Dividends for Stable Growth
Apr 24, 9:52 AM EST
Dividends are a key part of the return of an equity portfolio, according to the managers of the ING Global Equity Dividend, as they provide smoother and more sustainable growth. But finding the right companies remains crucial as running a high-conviction portfolio, where every stock has equal weight. Constrained only by the yield and its sustainability, the fund can invest in any part of the world and any sector to achieve growth with lower risk.
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