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Earnings Call 
United States Steel Earnings Call, Fourth Quarter 2008
30th January 2009 00:00 AM
Despite the negative global economic situation, the company had an outstanding year 2008 with record net sales, income from operations and net income.
The steel company reported Q4 net income of $308 million or $2.65 per share. This compares with Q3 net income of $919 million or $7.79 per share and Q4 of 2007 net income of $35 million or 29 cents per share. The management announced Q4 net sales of $4,565 million compared with net sales of $4,535 million in the year ago quarter and $7,312 million in Q3 of 2008. In light of the deteriorating economic forecasts, the management anticipates an operating loss for first quarter 2009.
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