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Nokia Earnings Call 
Nokia Earnings Call, Fourth Quarter 2008
25th January 2009 00:00 AM
Weaker consumer confidence, unprecedented currency volatility and credit tightness continue to impact the mobile communications industry.
The mobile solutions provider reported that weaker device volumes led to a 19% drop in sales to EUR 12.7 billion, compared with EUR 15.7 billion in 2007. This resulted in a 68% fall in net profit to EUR 576 million or EUR 0.16 a share. Further, foreign currency fluctuations impacted the cost side.
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Nokia Fourth Quarter Earnings Call
10th February 2008 00:00 AM
EPS rose 57% to ˆ0.47, with booming demand in emerging markets boosting its global market share to 40%.
The cellphone maker’s revenue increased 34% to ˆ15.7 billion. Device business continued its excellent performance with market share and margins up nicely as many of new products clearly started to have a positive impact. Nokia Siemens Networks continued to see positive momentum with a sequential increase in net sales and with operating margins reaching 4.3% excluding special items and PPA. The company sold 133.5 million phones. Nokia expects the device market to grow some 10% globally in 2008.
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Nokia Third Quarter Earnings Call
22nd October 2007 00:00 AM
Net income was up 85% to $1.6 billion or 40 cents a share as market share continued to grow.
The mobile solutions company reported 28% increase in sales to €12.9 billion, compared with €10.1 billion in 2006 as the device business continued its excellent performance with volume and market share rising. However, overall volumes were constrained by component shortages. Restructuring efforts at NSN are on course, with a corporate culture having been identified. The firm targets several new product launches and strategic acquisitions.
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Nokia Second Quarter Earnings Call
18th August 2007 00:00 AM
Net profit rose to EUR2.8 million from EUR1.1 million a year ago due to improved product portfolio and cost management.
The mobile service provider reported 28% growth in revenue to EUR12.6 million, driven by strong performance from Multimedia and Enterprise Solutions as device market share rose 38%. This was despite poor results from Nokia Siemens Network which realized an operating loss as a result of strong competition, and issues related to the start of operations. Operating margin rose to 18.7, reaching its highest level in three years. The company shipped 100.8 million units.
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Nokia Oyj First Quarter Earnings Call
9th July 2007 00:00 AM
Quarterly earnings dropped nearly 7% as growing sales of low-end models in emerging markets dragged the average selling price down.
Net profit came to 979 million euros or $1.3 billion, down from 1.05 billion euros a year ago. Nokia’s share of the global mobile phone market edged up to 36%. Overall sales grew to 9.9 billion euros from 9.5 billion euros last year. The average selling price of handsets was 89 euros, sequentially flat, but down 14% from a year ago due to the growing share of low-end handsets in emerging markets. Net sales of mobile phones fell 5% to 5.6 billion euros in spite of the 21% jump in volume sales.
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