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Lehman Brothers Holdings Earnings Call 
Lehman Brothers Holdings Earnings Call, Second Quarter 2008
19th June 2008 00:00 AM
The challenging macro environment adversely impacted performance, though the firm has taken action to improve the liquidity position.
The financial services firm reported net revenues of a negative $668 million down from a positive $5.5 billion in 2007 due to a significant dislocation in spread movements between derivative instruments and cash assets. As a result, it realized a net loss of $2.8 billion or $5.14 a share, down from net income of $1.3 billion or $2.21 a share on gross mark-to-market adjustments of $3.6 billion concentrated in the residential and commercial exposures.
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Lehman Brothers Holdings First Quarter Earnings Call
21st March 2008 00:00 AM
Revenues fell 31% to $3.5 billion from $5 billion in 2007 reflecting the tough environment and mark to market adjustments on asset re-pricing.
The financial group reported a 57% decrease in net income to $489 million or 81 cents a share from $1.15 billion or $1.96 a share in the prior year on weaker revenue and dislocations in the credit markets. It maintained strong liquidity position, with the Holding Company having a liquidity pool of $34 billion and unencumbered assets of $64 billion, with an additional $99 billion at the regulated entities. Moody’s reaffirmed the A1 credit rating on the strength of the capital base and liquidity.
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Lehman Brothers Holdings Fourth Quarter Earnings Call
14th December 2007 00:00 AM
Due to the crisis in the global credit market, the earnings dropped to $870 million from $987 million in the prior year quarter.
The leading provider of financial services reported revenue of $4.39 billion, down 3% from last year, on 10% decline in capital market segment and 3% decline in investment banking segment. During the quarter, Lehman Brothers’ M&A market share rose to 17.3% versus 15.5% in 2006. Due to the slowdown in the US housing market and the liquidity squeeze in the capital markets, the firm has lowered its projections on global economic growth and it anticipates global GDP growth to be 2.7% in 2008.
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Lehman Brothers Holdings Third Quarter Earnings Call
20th September 2007 00:00 AM
Profit fell 3.2% to $887 as the firm took more than half a billion dollars in writedowns for troubled fixed-income securities.
The investment company reported revenue increase of 3% to $4.3 billion, meeting expectations. Revenues in investment banking in Europe were a record for the period, due to strength in all the major product categories. In Asia capital markets, results were strong in interest rate products, equity derivatives, and prime services. The company posted compensation to revenue ratio of 49.3%. Total stockholders'' equity was $21.7 billion, and total long-term capital was $141.5 billion.
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Lehman Brothers Holdings Second Quarter Earnings Call
20th August 2007 00:00 AM
In equity underwriting, volumes increased 23% versus the prior period, driven by an increase in IPO and convertible activity.
The financial firm reported record revenues in all business segments and in the firm''s European and Asian regions, including a 55% increase in Investment Banking revenues from Q2 of fiscal 2006. Global equity trading volumes rose approximately 13% in dollar value terms compared to the prior quarter. Total stockholder''s equity increased to $21.1 billion. The company made a number of significant investments. The global economy remains healthy and outlook is for global GDP to grow 3.2% in 2007.
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