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Nikkei in Tokoy Extends 2016 Losses to 9.9%
11:04 AM ET  January 16 2016
Nikkei average closed down as markets in Asia dropped for the second week in a row. Nikkei extended weekly loss to 3.4% and plunged nearly 10% in 2016.
China and India Indexes Approach Bear Zone, Rupee Drifts Lower
8:47 AM ET  January 15 2016
Stocks in Mumbai traded lower and extended weekly and year loss after weak profit from Hindustan Lever added to global market jitters. Emerging markets and commodities continued to struggle on the growing worries that China may let yuan drift lower by another 10% to sustain exports.
Rupee Drifts to New Low Despite Oil at 12-Year Low
5:33 AM ET  January 14 2016
Market indexes on Dalal Street extended weekly losses and the rupee dropped to a new record low despite the crude oil price falling to 12-year low. Infosys said quarterly profit rose 7%. Everest Industries net more than doubled. Cyient net declined 12%.
Nikkei Plunges 2.7% on Global Slowdown Worries
12:59 PM ET  January 14 2016
Nikkei in Tokyo dropped 2.7% as markets in Asia extended losses. Investors turned cautious on the worries that the global economic growth may slow down on the persistent decline in energy prices and deepening deflation in China.
Nikkei Rebounds 2.9% on China Trade Data
1:24 PM ET  January 13 2016
Nikkei average in Tokyo soared 2.9% after China reported smaller-than-expected decline in exports in December. The Bank of Japan said M2 and M3 money stock increased in December.
Sensex Rises 0.7%, TCS Quarterly Net Flat
9:33 AM ET  January 13 2016
Tata Consultancy Services said quarterly profit was flat and revenues rose 0.7%. Bharti Airtel plans to sell its two units in Africa to France-based Orange. Tata Power plans to raise ₹500 crore through a debenture offering.
Sensex Declines 0.6%, Adani Ports to Raise $700 M
11:40 AM ET  January 12 2016
Sensex in Mumbai extended weekly losses and the rupee drifted near record low. IndusInd Bank surged 30%. L&T extended construction order wins in 2016. NIIT received contract worth 23 million from a U.K based regulatory agency.
Sensex Falls 0.4% on China Jitters, Rupee Edges Lower
6:13 AM ET  January 11 2016
Tata Motors said Jaguar Land Rover December sales jumped 5%. Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group and Andhra Pradesh state government agreed to set up a defence manufacturing unit with an initial investment of $800 million.
Nikkei Extends Weekly Losses to 6.6% on Shanghai Trading Halt
10:16 AM ET  January 07 2016
Nikkei average in Tokyo declined 2.3% and extended weekly losses to 6.6% after a surprise devaluation in China put investors on guard. Shanghai stock trading was halted for the second day this week after the index dropped 7% in the first 29 minutes of trading.
Surprise Devaluation in China Knocks Down Sensex and Asian Markets
10:07 AM ET  January 07 2016
Sensex in Mumbai declined after markets in Asia plunged between 2% and 3%. Markets in Asia fell after China allowed its currency to fall further and faster. The central government of India plans to sell its $1.3 billion stake in Axis Bank.
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   Global Markets Indexes
% Change
  NYSE 11,827.00 0.81
  NASDAQ 6,253.81 1.00
  S&P 500 2,441.20 0.71
  Russell 3000 1,446.74 0.72
  TSX 15,173.91 0.70
  Bovespa 63,868.01 1.33
% Change
  FTSE 100 7,416.93 1.04
  DAX 30 12,626.58 1.22
  CAC 40 5,222.13 1.33
  SMI 9,204.09 -0.68
% Change
  Nikkei 225 20,098.38 -0.48
  Hang Seng 27,466.72 -0.47
  CSI 300 26,043.64 0.64
  Sensex 30 31,804.82 0.18
  ASX 200 5,673.83 -0.96
  JCI 5,819.13 0.79
  SET 996.09 0.42
  Kospi 2,387.62 0.04
  KLC 1,757.24 0.13
Gold $1,224.8000 $5.3000
Silver $17.3600 -$0.0200
Copper $66.3750 -$0.3250
Crude oil $60,490.0000 -$1,570.0000
Natural Gas $3.8700 $0.0100
Corn $3.5900 $0.0625
Wheat $5.1250 $0.1750
Sugar $0.1232 $0.0007
Soybean $9.4075 $0.1525
 Asia Economy  
 Earnings News    
RBI Cuts SLR by 50 bps, CRR Unchanged
Feb 03, 9:27 AM ET
Reserve Bank of India decreased the statutory liquidity ratio to 21.50% from 22% but left reverse repo rate and cash reserve ratio unchanged at 6.75% and 4% respectively. The bank estimate inflation by next January of about 6% and real GDP growth in fiscal year ending in March 2016 at 6.5%.
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  RBI Lifts Repo Rates by 25 bps, CRR Unchanged
Sep 20, 9:16 AM ET
  August CPI Declines 9.52%
Sep 13, 3:27 AM ET
  July Industrial Production Jumps 2.6%
Sep 13, 3:18 AM ET
  July CPI Drops 9.64%
Aug 12, 11:19 AM ET
  June Industrial Production Contracts 2.2%
Aug 12, 11:15 AM ET
Kirin Holdings Net Plunges 56%
Nov 06, 10:09 AM ET
Kirin Holdings Company, Limited nine months revenues fell 1.8% to 1.67 trillion and net profit fell 56% to 41.71 billion or 43.67 a share.
Full Story..., Hutchison Whampoa Net Falls
Aug 13, 10:58 AM ET
  Seiko Epson Sales, Net Drop
Feb 26, 3:10 AM ET
  Westpac Net Slips, Insurance Australia Net Plunges
Feb 19, 1:37 AM ET
  Bank of East Asia Net Plunges
Feb 17, 7:02 AM ET
  Singapore Telecom Net Drops 16%
Feb 10, 10:13 PM ET
 Jump Analysis    
 Analyst View / Management Talk Q&A    
Historic Mandate in India for Strong Leadership
May 21, 8:16 AM ET
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his government could not shake-off the remote control perception. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi paid heavy price for running parallel governments that compromised the dignity of the office of the prime minister and hijacked pollitical agenda for ten years.
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  September Auto Sales, 15-year Low
  G7 Meeting: Slower Growth, $400 B Subprime Loss
  Pakistan, Musharraf, and Bhutto Killing
  Stores Post Limited Sales Gains in May
The Accumulated Wealth of Nations
Apr 25, 2:52 PM EDT
When there is a deficiency of information, speculations are abundant. The Sovereign Wealth Funds, established to preserve the accumulated capital in different nations, are often the subject of criticism and mistrust in Europe and the U.S. Rupert Neil Bumfrey clearly explains the role and nature of these funds, both for their own economies and the West.
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 ETF / Mutual Fund Q&A    
Stocks With Growth Drivers
Nov 16, 2:54 PM ET
Despite an incessant flow of information on Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East, the region is still not well covered by brokerage houses and finance media when it comes to investing. Portfolio manager Leigh Innes explains how T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund handles volatility, currency risks, and an invariable lack of liquidity through a concentrated portfolio of bigger holdings on fewer stocks.
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  Dividend Paying Culture in High Growth Asia
  Exploiting Negative Emotions
  Searching for Operating Leverage
  Selecting Stocks Globally
  Exploiting Market Inefficiencies
  Quality in Quotients
  Multi Manager, Multi Markets
  The Probability to Outperform
  Going Anywhere to Find Value
  Seeking Advantage in Asia

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