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Every serious investor knows that the short-term movements in financial markets are driven by news, emotion, and momentum, while the underlying long-term value of any particular financial instrument is determined by the quality of the earnings it can generate over time.

Evaluating the relative merits of investment opportunities requires accurate, reliable, and timely information about markets, sectors, and companies. With very few exceptions, the available of free, high-quality information necessary to make informed investment decisions is not readily available to the on-line investor. is an on-line information site that specializes in gathering, validating, and archiving financial information, as well as providing investment tools for the serious investor looking for high-quality information. Since the site's initial launch in 1999, the site has continued to expand the range of content offered and has recently added global markets coverage.

Recent content additions includes:

   1.Global Markets update covering 20 countries.
   2.Earnings news.
   3.Earnings call summaries.
   4.Interviews of fund managers.

Investment analysis tools:

   1.Earnings Analysis.
   2.IPO Calendar.
   3.Economic release Calendar.
   4.Industry Sector Tables.
   5.Mutual Funds Sector Tables.
   6.ETF Tables.
   7.IPO Sector.
   8.News Archive Search.

The 123Jump editorial staff has grown to forty-five people spread over four continents: North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Everyday 123Jump reports on conditions in twenty financial markets; analyzes the latest earnings reports; collects and organizes economic data; tracks IPO information in both the US and UK; and interviews mutual fund portfolio managers.

Global Market Updates

In the age of global business, markets are always open somewhere. 123Jump begins its daily coverage at the opening in Asia markets, continues to Europe, nd then to North and South America. The company's objective is to give investors a global view of financial markets events. In the interconnected world, events in one region can impact investors around the world. With hourly updates, 123Jump keeps investors informed of local financial news and its impact on world markets with specific focus on: Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, UAE, U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, South Africa, U.S., Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

   1.Market Update Asia.
   2.Market Update India.
   3.Market Update Europe.
   4.Market Update UK.

Earnings Calls Summaries Every quarter more than 3,000 companies release earnings and conduct earnings calls. 123Jump listen in more than 500 earnings calls each quarter and prepares summary reports, collects financial statistics, and presents the information it in an easy to read format. The site currently offers more than 2,200 reports with more than 500 reports added each quarter.

Some vendors sell company earnings transcripts for $75. On, detailed reports are available FREE. They provide a summary of the latest company earnings data, management discussion, and the investors QA. Earnings call archives are available from 2004.

   1.Earnings call summary - report 1
   2.Earnings call summary - report 2

Company Earnings database

Stock market investing decisions require a reliable and comprehensive understanding of earnings. 123Jump has created a history of 2,500 companies' quarterly and annual earnings dating back to the year 2000. We plan to expand our coverage to 3,000 companies and extend our coverage to the year 1995 by mid-year 2007. Quarterly earnings on most sites are not adjusted for stock options and for earnings restatements.

Yahoo Finance and MSN Money have less than 2,900 companies quarterly earnings for the last four quarters only. Several of these earnings do not reflect accurate GAAP earnings or restated earnings. Our staff spends lot of time and efforts in collecting and reviewing earnings data on an on-going basis and do not rely on external sources for earnings database.

We prepare and review corporate earnings to build our own data base and do not work with third parties. views reliability, accuracy and consistency of this database as central to our editorial mission.

   1.Annual Company earnings
   2.Quarterly Earnings
   3.Earnings Review Tools

IPO Center

Initial Public Offerings are hard to research and harder to invest in. Our IPO center covers IPO news, offering calendar, IPO ratings, sector screens and company profiles. Our collection of 3,000 profiles, dating back to the year 1995, is the largest IPO profile database on the internet and viewed by most investors as the authority in IPO investing. Our annual IPO performance tables dates back to the year 2000.

Every week rates companies that are likely to be priced. Our comprehensive rating system ranks companies for their financial health, investor sentiment and performance of other companies in the sector in the after-market. Our rating system also considers company strategy and management strength and business growth plans. has been ranking IPOs since the year 1999 and prior to that as IPO Maven since the year 1993.

   1.IPO company profile
   2.IPO Calendar
   3.IPO news
   4.Annual IPO performance

Mutual Funds QA

Mutual fund investors like to hear more from their money managers and understand what is happening to their investments. Every year we select managers and funds for their consistency in return, investment performance and investment strategy.

Our interview process is designed to help investors understand fund investment philosophy, investment strategy, research process, portfolio construction and risk control measures.

There are more than 6,000 mutual funds and thousands more separately managed accounts in the U.S. Our research staff selects 200 of these funds and interviews these managers to learn more about their investment style and process. has the largest collection of fund manager interviews available for FREE on the Internet.

We publish these interviews on the site and create PDF documents for reprint sales as well. To view sample interviews please click here.

Recently we have expanded our interview of fund managers based from the U.S. to U.K., Canada and India.

Economic Data and Releases

Every week different government departments and agencies report economic releases. The site maintains a detailed calendar of these releases and collects all press releases from the following departments and private sector industry groups. has the largest collection of these releases dating back to the year 2004 totaling more than 450 releases organized chronologically.

   1.Department of Commerce
   2.Department of Labor
   3.Energy Information Agency
   4.The Federal Reserve Bank
   5.National Association of Realtors
   6.Mortgage Bankers Association
   7.Institute for Supply Management

Editorial staff works with the art department and prepares simple to understand graphics for these economic data. The staff maintains a list of economic indicators in the graphical format.

   1.Economic Charts

Sources: Data collected by and from company press releases, filings and corporate websites.
Market data: BATS Exchange. Inc.

350 Fund Managers Interviews - 10-year Annual earnings on 4,600 U.S. companies - 20-quarter Earnings on 3,800 U.S. companies - 3,200 U.S. IPO Prospectuses
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